Lindert Steegen

Lindert Steegen is a Belgian artist, based in Ghent. His artworks are a colorful and abstract play of designs, referring to the combination of his love for graffiti, graphic design and 3D animation. Over the years, he has developed his own abstract / minimalistic style, with a bold and powerful colour palette.
His latest street projects include a play-ground concept with a basket-ball court and skate ramp during Belgium’s biggest festival Pukkelpop 2022, A mural in his home-town Bilzen, where he also did his nominated 540m2 “Rise Up” mural in 2021, and a 300m2 floor on a square in the “Gents Overpoort” area, Ghent.
Apart from being very active with public domain projects, he has started transferring his ideas in the studio. His studio work is found on a variation of surfaces, including wooden wall sculptures, wood panel, stencils on paper and canvas. With the help and skills of Niels Raoul Boone, owner of fabrication studio Niels Raoul Boone in Ghent, Lindert will be exhibiting his sculptures with Kalkman Gallery.
Lindert’s first solo exhibition “WHAT IF…” will be held at our gallery in Antwerp, Sept 17 – Oct 16 2022, featuring a collection of wooden wall sculptures. We will also exhibit his work during Art The Hague 2022, booth 36, from Oct 5 – Oct 9.
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Lindert Steegen painting a hype court in Sint-Niklaas. Picture by Jean-Pierre Tijls.

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