Discovery Art Fair: presenting a duo show with Bortusk Leer and Hayden Kays. Find us in booth D2.

April 25 – 29, 2024
XPOST, Cologne – Gladbacher Wall 5 

Kalkman Gallery is thrilled to announce a duo exhibition by Bortusk Leer & Hayden Kays. During Discovery Art Fair Cologne, in the XPOST building, we will exhibit a collection of their text artworks.

TEXT ART? Both Bortusk Leer and Hayden Kays predominantly combine words and text with their imagery, sometimes even boiling their art down to only text. While Hayden Kays is well know for using the typewriter to make his art, Bortusk Leer has an iconic naïve stylized hand-writing. Both British artists have a strong German collector base and we are looking to meet you in Cologne to showcase a provocative and humorous collection.

For tickets: contact us via e-mail or WhatsApp: info@hubertkalkman.com // +31 6 5426 5443.