Joseph Steininger

Based out of Seattle, WA, Joseph Steininger is an artist and innovator. Using intricately detailed and hand-cut stencils applied with spray paint, his personal work is influenced by street art culture and printmaking. Using the traditional and time-honored forms of fine art, his pieces are remarkably complex and masterfully represent this contemporary medium.

Though spray paint is still seen by many to be a medium incapable of creating fine art, Joseph aims to bridge the gap between those pre-conceived notions of what can and cannot be fine art. By using the contemporary medium of spray paint mixed with more traditional subject matters, the artist forces the viewers to expand their assumptions about spray paint’s place in the fine art world. The artist creates his work by meticulously hand-cutting intricately detailed stencils. The stencils are then layered in a particular way to create a distinct body of work which displays his mastery of the craft.

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