Our House Is On Fire, 2021 by Icy & Sot – Ltd Ed giclee print

Year: 2021

Edition: 40

Material: Archival giclee print on Innova smooth cotton 315gsm paper

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions:  cm

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Icy & Sot

Saman Oskouei  (born 1985) and Sasan Oskouei (born 1991) know as ICY and SOT are artists from Tabriz, Iran, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York., the two brothers started making their marks in the streets of Iran in 2006,
Icy and Sot always look for the appropriate medium to give their ideas the greatest resonance. Through their unique visual language, they have been delivering powerful, moving statements on the present-day human condition, tackling important issues such as human rights, detention, women’s rights, the plights of migrants and refugees, climate change, or the pitfalls of capitalism. Their commitment is reflected in the materials that their artworks are made of: barbed wire, iron wire, old rusty shovels or oil cans. All raw materials that the artists divert and transfigure to give life to pieces of art that are full of poetry and fragility. However Icy and Sot do not mean to lecture anyone. They are content with reflecting the truth of our times through their own language. And turn it into a work of art.

Unique Dollar Artwork by Hayden Kays

This Artwork is unique due to the process. Also, every dollar has a unique serial number.