Motherfuck! 2023 by Hoodkitsch

Year: 2023

Edition: Unique artwork

Dimensions total: 76 x 55.5 x 6 cm

Material: Spray paint and marker on reclaimed oil painting with ornate faux guilt frame

Condition: In excellent condition. Condition is as it leaves Hoodkitsch’ studio. 

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Hoodkitsch (Dutch, b. 1972)

Hoodkitsch is a Maastricht based artist. His work is inspired by music and the every-day things around him. When he scavenges for kitsch artworks he brings home the ones he immediately has an idea for. Otherwise he doesn’t buy them.
His projects and interest in his work have been increasing since a sold-out show in Maastricht called “Take Me To Church” in 2017. With 60 artworks going across the globe, collectors have been picking up his unique pieces as soon as they were hitting the market. This has culminated in the largest project to date with The Highlander Hotel in Amsterdam, who commissioned Hoodkitsch for artworks in their revamped hotel rooms and lobby.