Holiday Mode, 2022 by Euan Roberts

Year: 2022

Edition: Unique

Media: Acrylic paint on 300gsm Somerset Satin paper

Dimension: 29.4 x 21 cm

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Euan Roberts (British, b. 1989)

Euan Roberts is an artist of mixed Bajan and Scottish heritage.

His artistic practice is focused on analysing the human condition, distilling feelings of humour, hope, suffering, joy, love and longing via his idiosyncratic cast of animal avatars and visual metaphors. Euan’s work is centred on what it means to be human but humans remain absent from his art. Instead, his visual narrative revolved around a changing cast of yogic bears, drunken crabs, lonely chimps and crying sharks.

Euan’s work also examines his journey as a person of colour navigating their way through the art world. Motifs like his familiar black bear taking up space in urban environments reference the feeling of alienation that people of colour often feel in art world spaces. He works primarily with painting, ceramics and drawing, but his practice is expanding to explore the worlds of film and fashion. A debut children’s book is scheduled for 2023. Euan takes on select commercial work and past clients include Facebook, Glastonbury Festival, Leicester Square and London Fashion Retail Academy.