Dino Monster, 2021 by Bortusk Leer

Year: 2021

Dimensions (approx): 30 x 30 cm

Material: Spraypaint and acrylic paint pen on canvas


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Bortusk Leer

Since bursting onto the art scene in 2007, Bortusk’s happy, childish, neon, silly work has been appearing on streets and gallery walls around the world, with the sole purpose of trying to brighten up the viewers day. Bortusk calls his style ‘Art Comedy’, but sometimes he’s the only one laughing if we’re being honest.

In May 2018 Bortusk Leer and Hubert Kalkman started working together. Now, after 1 year of selling his originals across the globe, Hubert is Kalkman hosted Bortusk Leer’s first solo exhibition in Maastricht: ALL RULES ARE MADE UP in 2019.