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Crab Cigar, 2022 by P1G3ON

Year: 2022

Edition: Unique artwork

Dimensions total: 36 × 31 cm

Material: Acrylic (airbrush) on hardboard

Condition: In excellent condition. Condition is as it leaves P1G3ON’s studio. Any imperfections in the artwork is deliberate. 

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P1G3ON (Lithuanian artist duo)

p1g3eon is a duo from Vilnius, Lithuania. Their name is spelled as if a nickname for computer games. They make postproduction-type trash aesthetics, sets of visual actualitites in digital media, clichés and capture the vibes of early game artefacts.
Their work is mainly painted with airbrush, to emmulate pixeled images, and the use of tape to create sharp lines and edges, as if the subjects could be cut straight out of computers screens and placed onto hardboard or canvas.
Their subjects are all derived from photos, images and manipulations of the former found online through social media and/or web browsers. These attributions made by p1g3on offer a level of nostalgia or visual shock from past computing or gaming times.