Weapon Of Choice installation by Beejoir



Also known as Chris Bowden, developed a background in graffiti and street art whilst operating in the UK and Europe. He moved to Asia in 2007, and has since based himself in Bangkok where he works as an artist and curator. Beejoir gained his interest in human traits, specifically with greed and self indulgence, while travelling continually throughout Europe, Africa and Asia in the late 1990’s and early 2000′. This exposed him to a stark contrast between wealth and poverty that was not apparent to the artist himself in the UK.

#NRCSSM Solo Show at Bangkok CITY CITY Gallery

#NRCSSM explores vanity in the digital age.  It is the first major solo exhibition in Asia from urban artist Beejoir.  Using references delving from Greek mythology, super brands and iconic individuals, Beejoir questions the culture of narcissism and its sycophantic relationship with social media in contemporary times.  The heart of the exhibition is a towering golden wall that acts as Narcissus’ Pool, the one which holds the demi-god captive as he is enthralled by his own reflection.  In #NRCSSM, the pool reflects the viewers and the art surrounding them, becoming a site for inner and outer contemplation.

Beejoir about the Weapon Of Choice collection: “Four years, I don’t know how many sheets of sand paper, broken sculptures, groms, cans of paint, layers of resin, mask filters, but one thing I do know, making them in a factory would have been one hell of a lot easier.”

Click here for more work in the #NRCSSM exhibition: CITY CITY Gallery Bangkok

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