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The Death Penalty Saves No Lives, 2016

Title: The Death Penalty Saves No Lives

Year: 2016

Origin: from the artist. This artwork belongs to Hayden Kays’ body of work called OVERDRAWN (solo show in April 2016).

Edition: Unique due to process. Each image was used 5 times and the edition is called a fist-full (as is a fist full of dollars).

Material description as in artist’s sales catalogue during solo show OVERDRAWN April 2016: Propelled droplet inkjet print on original uncirculated one dollar bolls. Each print is unique due to the banknote serial number and the production process.

Condition: MINT
Dimensions: 155mm x 65mm
Certificate: Comes with certificate of authenticity by the artist with an original drawing on it.

This is artwork will be packaged flat and shipped with insurance.

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Unique Dollar Artwork by Hayden Kays

This Artwork is unique due to the process. Also, every dollar has a unique serial number.

Unique Artwork

Propelled inkjet droplets on genuine dollar bill

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