12.11.22 – 31.12.22 | Sint-Jorispoort 28, Antwerp 

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Saturday: 12 – 6 PM

Can’t make it? Not to worry! Send an e-mail to charlotte@kalkmangallery.com for the preview catalog. The collection will go online after the opening weekend. And keep an eye out on our Instagram pages ( @kalkman.maastricht / @kalkman.antwerp) for pre-sale opportunities.


First solo show in Belgium and second with Kalkman Gallery

After his 2019 solo show “All Rules Are Made Up”, Bortusk Leer is now taking over the gallery in Antwerp with “Stay Fuckin Positive”. Packed with vibrant colour and cheeky humour, Kalkman Gallery will show-case a collection by Bortusk Leer from Nov 12 – Dec 31. This exhibition is also a jubilee event to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the gallery in Antwerp. Everyone is welcome and we hope to welcome you during the opening reception on Nov 12th from 12-18h. We are also open on Sunday 13th, from 13-17h. Please follow link fro direction tot he gallery: Sint-Jorispoort 28 Antwerp

Is Antwerp not around the corner for you? Then you can still follow the exhibition and check out the collection online. We will share the run-up towards the show on our Instagram Page and you can receive a digital catalogue by sending a request to charlott@kalkmangallery.com

Read more about Bortusk Leer and see more of his artwork here: HIGHLIGHT

Susanna Ingignoli

25.11.22 – 27.11.22 | Sint-Jorispoort 28, Antwerp 

To-Be Antwerp route hours:
Friday: 4 – 9 PM

Saturday & Sunday: 1 – 6 PM

Can’t make it? Not to worry! Just keep an eye out on our Instagram pages ( @kalkman.maastricht / @kalkman.antwerp

Susanna Ingignoli – Play and Reflect

7th edition of To Be Antwerp – 2nd participation for Kalkman Gallery

“Play and reflect” is a project born thanks to conversations with people whom I had the opportunity to meet in my new beginning in Antwerp. Like me, they arrived in the city last year. Talking to people from different parts of the world made me reflect on how different the “obstacles” to arriving in a new city can be. Often, simply due to different nationalities, or how much in a world where everything seems “within reach”, we are still so tied to certain stereotypes.

In this digital age in which facial recognition claims to define human beings by collecting data, we realize that in reality we still know little about the people we share this planet with. The vinyl records I created also represent a collection, but that has nothing to do with our aesthetic traits. Each vinyl summarizes a small story of the participants who took part in my workshop, during which, in random pairs, they had to carry out 10 different activities (which gave the name to the 10 vinyl tracks) to get to know each other in alternative and engaging ways. The activities were the pretext to stimulate broader conversations, some more curious, others more personal, others more profound. The content of the vinyl records tells a lot about these people without the need to show their faces properly. Reflected images do not reveal to us a copy of reality, but they help us to observe it in a different way and to open ourselves to change perspective.

Please follow link for direction to the gallery: Sint-Jorispoort 28 Antwerp

To-Be Antwerp 2022

To Be Antwerp is an annual art event organized for and by young artists. For the 7th edition in a row, we aim to create a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their work and performances through an experimental art route centered in Antwerp’s Theaterbuurt. Please go directly to their website for the full scale of the programme: To-Be Antwerp Website

This Is My Side Hustle poster by Hoodkitsch

Opening Friday: 6 PM – 9 PM:
Bredestraat 4, Maastricht at Rob Van Rijn Gallery

5 years after the solo show “Take Me To Church”, held in an old protestant church, HOODKITSCH and KALKMAN GALLERY are excited to invite you to THIS IS MY SIDE HUSTLE. This time we are taking over the first floor of another gallery in Maastricht: Rob van Rijn Gallery, Bredestraat 4. For 3 days a new collection by HOODKITSCH will be shown. Yes, only 3 days.

Please RSVP before Sept. 2 if you would like to attend the opening, Sept. 9 form 6PM – 9PM: hubert@kalkmangallery.com or hoodkitsch@gmail.com

You are also welcome during opening hours in the weekend.

09.09.22 – 11.09.22 | Kalkman Gallery present HOODKITSCH at the Rob van Rijn Gallery (1st floor) | Bredestraat 4 Maastricht

Opening hours:
Saturday Sept. 10: 12-17h
Sunday Sept. 11: 12-17h

Can’t make it? Not to worry! The collection will go online at 9AM on Sept 9. And keep an eye out on our Instagram pages ( @kalkman.maastricht / @kalkman.antwerp / @hoodkitsch ) for pre-sale opportunities. Follow this link to add an artwork to your collection (online at 9AM CEST on sept 9th): ARTWORKS

17.09.22 – 16.10.22 | Sint-Jorispoort 28, Antwerp 

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Saturday: 12 – 6 PM

Can’t make it? Not to worry! Send an e-mail to charlotte@kalkmangallery.com for the preview catalog. The collection will go online at 9AM on Sept 17. And keep an eye out on our Instagram pages ( @kalkman.maastricht / @kalkman.antwerp) for pre-sale opportunities.

WHAT IF,…: Sep 17 – Oct 16 2022

a solo-exhibition by Lindert Steegen

Opening: Saturday September 17th 2022, 12 to 6 PM

Sint-Jorispoort 28, Antwerp (our Antwerp space)

Transforming places and spaces

Lindert Steegen is based in Ghent, Belgium. He has transformed quite a number of public places and spaces with his own style: a colorful and abstract play of designs, referring to the combination of his love for graffiti, graphic design and 3D animation. 

Wall Sculptures: the WHAT IF,… series

For his first solo exhibition in Antwerp, Lindert transferred his street art into wall sculptures: spray paint on sculpted Douglas Pitch Pine. The title of each sculpture refers to a WHAT IF,… sentiment.

You are invited to be the first to see the result of Lindert’s WHAT IF,… series, opening on Saturday 17.09.22 at the KALKMAN Gallery in Antwerp.


June 11 – July 16 2022 | This Is Hazel’s Son
by Jase Powell

Opening Saturday June 11th: 11 AM – 6 PM.

Watch Jase Powell here inviting you to THIS IS HAZEL’S SON.

Jase Powell invented a way of responding to his memories and environment by using materials to bring his work to life such as Lego, faux ostrich skin, flock, among others. Combining these images and materials brings both texture and meaning to his work.

In this show, his latest artworks ‘Guns Don’t Kill’ and ‘Things People Say’ will be shown to the audience. Also, older work such as ICE-T on Lego (2012, ed. 10) will be part of the exhibition.

11.06.22 – 16.07.22 | Kalkman Gallery | Sint-Jorispoort 28

Jase Powell is a visual artist and photographer born in Hackney, east London and currently living in the Netherlands. His work has been described as original, soulful and thought-provoking.

Because Of Love

Apr 9 – May 18, 2022 – HAYDEN KAYS     |     BECAUSE OF LOVE

Opening weekend: April 9th 11 AM – 8 PM and April 10th 1 PM – 5:30 PM
Kalkman Antwerp – Sint-Jorispoort 28

We cordially invite you to the opening of a new solo exhibition by Hayden Kays, Because Of Love. Hayden Kays will be in traveling to Antwerp to be attendance on April 9th from 4PM – 8PM.

KALKMAN Antwerp will be hosting Hayden’s first solo exhibition in Belgium, with a range of work collected by Hubert & Charlotte over the last 8 years + a new print release. Some artworks have never been shown in public. Now is your opportunity to see how varied the materials and subjects are which belang to Hayden Kays’ spectrum. And, why he is considered one of the most provocative contemporary artists of this era.

Please contact us if you want to be updated about any sales or for fro press / interview opportunities: charlotte@kalkmangallery.com

Please find the current availability of his work her: Hayden Kays Collection