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Wei Ping (Sunny)

Her name is Wei Ping, but everyone calls her by her European name: ‘Sunny’. As an artist she is multifaceted. Young art lovers, in particular, appreciate Sunny’s work. Sunny produces pen and ink drawings which are largely made up of text. Sometimes they are Chinese characters, and sometimes European writing. The most important body of work incorporates her STOP THINKING artworks. Here she draws her images by repeating the short sentence “stop thinking”.

Her erotic images are sensual while others are are snapshots from everyday experiences or characteristic facial expressions, as seen in her portraits. Sunny’s work is brought to Maastricht on behalf of Galerie Kunstbroeders in Amersfoort. This collaboration has been very successful since April 2015, selling over 50 artworks in the region.

A variety of hand-signed silk-screens and limited Certified Arts Prints of 88 by Sunny are on display at Vintage Deluxe. Please come and enjoy them in the store.

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